Secret Sale @ Aeva // Heartsick

From today 11th July until 18th July, there will be a secret sale at the Aeva // Heartsick store!

Taxi to Aeva // Heartsick Mainstore!

Now what is a secret sale you ask? Its where for 24 hours, items are set for sale for a hugely discounted price and then changed over the next day at a set time.. repeat for the whole week!

But how do you know what is for sale? Well... you can get clues by joining the Aeva // Heartsick VIP group in world and checking the notices every day after 12pm SLT. This will tell you how many items and from what section in the store is included in the secret sale, including the sale price it will be set to. To find it, you need to rest your cursor over each vendor until you find the items that are at the sale price!

Its fun I promise and its a good way to try out new skins or maybe even get the ones you might have had your eye on for a while!

PS: Don't ask Amesha which ones are for sale... that would be telling. Its really not difficult to find them I promise!



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