Lazy Sunday @ Lumae

A new skin has been released at the Lumae main store for this round of Lazy Sunday! Do to popular demand of the Petals make up, I decided to put the make up on an equally favourite face .. Adore!

You can find it in all 8 tones for 75L per tone!

There is one slight change to the package contents.. from this point on, there will be limited support for Genesis Lab heads and so this skin does not come with any Genesis Lab head appliers. I am very sorry for any disappointment this might cause, but due to recent script changes implemented by GL, I do not have the time or the physical capability to update hundreds of appliers to reflect this change. So as a compromise, the only skins that will now come with Genesis Lab appliers will be the BARE SKINS. There will be an update shortly to the bare skins to reflect the script change. This will mean they will now work with the newer heads as they do not at the moment.

With that being said... I do hope you will love the Adore skin with the Petals make up!

Taxi to Lumae Main store

Lumae - Adore - Petals (Lazy Sunday)



  1. Gorgeous skin, as always, Lumi. And your health comes first. I'm positive that true fans of your work and all reasonable people will agree. Take care of yourself!