Love Donna Flora & Squinternet Larnia

Many of you will be aware that in five days on 25th July, the fundraiser Love Donna Flora will be open to the public so we can raise funds for Squinternet Larnia to help defray her expenses and so we can all show her just how much we love her and have been touched by her amazing talent for mostly clothing and jewellery design over the years she has been an active contributer to our SL.

Even if you have never spoken to her or known her personally, you cannot stop yourself from feeling admiration for her. Squinternet has always had so much vision and originality in her designs that she can truely be called unique.. which in SL is not something that happens very often. Her gorgeous clothing designs have stood the test of time through the advent of sculpties and mesh and her jewellery is beyond breathtaking in its painstaking detail.

After being diagnosed once already with breast cancer which had metastisized to her bones, she faught back and it has been 2 years since.. however the cancer is regrouping and the battle to fight begins again. Having been touched by cancer so many times through my family, losing several of them to cancer and having a breast cancer scare myself, I can empathise with the devestation this can cause.

I have never met or known Squinternet personally, but her creativity has touched my Secondlife through the years. I have never been someone who has worn jewellery in SL but hers has always appealed to me through its boldness and vibrancy and even the kookiness such as the Dreamer necklace whose little girl on the pendant blinks every now and then!

I know she has inspired so many and reading through the messages of support for her on the event blog is so touching..

Squinternet... I want to say thank you for all of your hard work and beautiful creations through the years. Thank you for brightening our Second Life. Be strong and know you are loved by so many and that you are in our thoughts, our prayers and you are always in our hearts.

++ The Faith Argentina Gown by Donna Flora
++ Gala Diamond Necklace and Earrings Set by Donna Flora
++ Flora Skin by Aeva // Heartsick (work in progress for the Love Donna Flora event)
++ Ruby Hair in Unicorn by !Lamb
++ Pearl Columbia Eyes by Poetic Colours



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