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So its finally Valentines Day... but not everyone is in the mood for it. Broken hearts and tears can come thick and fast on this day so with this in mind I decided to make some Anti Valentines Day goodies!

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Tell it like it is with these slogan Asymmetry Dresses for 100L each

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With this Aymmetry Dress at a special price for 10L!

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The Charity skin worn in the above pictures is also available in all 5 tones for 100L. Included are normal brows as shown in the picture or you can choose the painted brows option which gives a more drawn on effect as shown in the Asymmetry Dress pictures.

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And Petites can get in on the Anti Valentines Day too with a Black Rose's version of Jolie for 100L per tone. Each tone is made with the same make up as on the Charity skin and comes with the Black Rose outfit shown in the picture!

Please note if you are buying the Petites skin, that the Avatar itself is not included. You need to purchase that seperately. The skin is delivered Via a HUD system and retextures your existing YABU Petite Avatar.

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