Aeva // Heartsick @ The Cart Sale (Part 1)

The Bi-Annual 10L Cart Sale has begun! This event happens twice a year and is an amazing place to grab a bargain or two! Everything here is 10L or under and there are heaps of creators here for you to discover!

Im a little late setting out my items for the Cart Sale so some will be out today and the rest will be out tomorrow. But first up, we have another sneaky peek outing for the Petites skin, Jolie!

Go to Aeva // Heartsick Cart @ The 10L Cart Sale

Im a bit of a gamer girl and I always loved the game "Okami" on the Wii. So with that in mind I decided to make a skin inspired by Amaterasu.

Click for a larger picture!

This skin for Petites is available in 6 tones.. the five usual and a special lighter tone 0. Inside the pack you will get the Skin Applicator, the HUD and full instructions on how to apply this skin to your exisiting YABU Petite Avatar.

This skin is modelled on VERSION 2 FEMALE of the YABU Petite Avatars. It will work on the Fairy Petite V1 Avatar BUT it will look different to how it does in this picture as the mesh on the two heads are different shapes.

Also this is just a skin applicator system, it does NOT include the mesh parts. You will need to purchase them from YABU seperately.

For those who don't have Petite avatars... don't worry, there will be another update tomorrow!



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