Summer Sale!

Whats that you say? Another sale? Yup .. and this one is a final retirement sale. Once they are gone, they are gone for good this time and I won't be making any exceptions.. the time has come to move forwards!

Taxi to Lumae Mainstore

All Jewel, Adore, Fae and Niska single skins both natural bare skins and fantasy toned skins are reduced to clear at 100L each!

I have put together fatpacks of the make up versions of these skins that I made throughout the year for events and such and these are packed by tone at 400L each. There are two versions of Adore as there were so many skins made for that. One pack is 400L and the other is 300L as there is one less skin. These CANNOT be bought separately.

Jewel Fatpack Niska Fatpack

Adore Fatpack V1 Adore Fatpack V2

All of these skins are purchased as they are right now.. when you buy them, you understand that there will be no future updates for these skins. These skins were made before the influx of mesh heads and so they do not have the benefit of having multiple fitted textures like the newer skins. This is why they are reduced to clear.

The newest skin Eirtae, is also part of the sale and are reduced to half price!

More new skins are coming soon... time to look forwards!



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