Lumae @ Genre

The new round of Genre is open and the theme this time is The Underworld. All skins at this event are 100L per skin.

Taxi to Genre

I have made a new fantasy tone called Naamah. She is available in both Jewel and Adore faces and come with all the usual default avatar options and a slew of head and body appliers that you could ever want! In the two pictures below I am using the LOGO Alex head which recently has been updated to allow the use Omega Head appliers! All Jewel and Adore skins come with Omega Head Appliers as standard so this is an amazing update!

I have also made a special edition set of three Adore skins in the Varda fantasy tone with suitably dark and mysterious make up for the event. They come with five different eyebrow options.. No Brow, Dark Adore Brow, Light Adore Brow and two new brows called Pencil Brow and Cross Brow which are perfect for those who are going for a more Gothic asthetic! Again these are full skins and contain all head and body appliers I currently make:



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