Lumae @ Enchantment in SL

Enchantment SL is finally open! This edition is filled with Mermaid goodness as the designers bring you items inspired by The Little Mermaid! The shopping area opens at 5pm SLT, 14th August and is open until September 5th!

􀀁Taxi to Enchantment!

Lumae are taking part with a mermaid themed skin called Ianthe. The base face for the skin is Adore and is covered in pearlescent scales. It is available in 5 different make up's and with the option to wear the face with or without scales, though the scales on the body will remain regardless. All usual system skin options are included as well as all the head, mouth and body appliers that I currently make!

The skins are 100L per make up!

Lumae - Adore - Ianthe

Lumae - Adore - Ianthe - Seashell Lumae - Adore - Ianthe - Abyss

Lumae - Adore - Ianthe - Echo

Lumae - Adore - Ianthe - Ursula Lumae - Adore - Ianthe - Siren

Also running at the same time as the Enchanted shopping event on the Nymphai sim, is the Enchanted Hunt which invites you to teleport to the stores of the designers involved in the Hunt to find a special prize for you to enjoy! There are 23 stores to visit and you are looking for a purple seashell. Click the Shell to recieve the prize, plus a notecard with the landmark and a hint to the next prize! The first seashell can be found in the hunt information poster at the top of the steps where you land at the Enchantment shopping area!

For Lumae's contribution, there is a special edition Mermaid skin called Eione. The base face for the skin is Niska and shares the same pearlescent scales as her mermaid sister. This skin comes in Mid Cleavage only and includes mini HUD's for all the body appliers I currently make as well as head and mouth appliers.

The hint for my store is : "Find this green eyed monster and it will tell you a tale or two."

Taxi to Lumae Main store for the Hunt

Lumae - Niska - Eione - Enchantment Hunt Prize



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