Lumae @ Geeks N' Nerds Fair

The Geeks n' Nerds Fair is open! There are lots of goodies from Lumae there for you to enjoy so I hope you will like them!

Taxi to Geeks N Nerds Fair!

Making their debut appearance are the Leevi Ears! These come in Small, Medium and Large and with a HUD that matches them to all current Lumae natural skintones. There is a also a greyscale options so you can use that to match them to other skins should you want to. They ears themselves are Modifyable, the scripts inside are what make them say they are not, so you can use the colour changing tool in Edit to tint them to any colour you want.

Lumae - Leevi Elf Ears Small
Lumae - Leevi Elf Ears Medium
Lumae - Leevi Elf Ears Large

Also available at the event are a Tank Girl themed skin and fatpack of cropped vests. The make up comes with 3 different versions of make up besides the one shown below. Another is shown in the Cropped vests picture. The third are two red stripes on the cheeks. All can be viewed in the demo at the event. The skin is available in all tones and is for sale at a special price of 100L for the event!

Lumae - Evie - POW

The fatpack of cropped vest tops are based on Tank Girls target top and come with various slogans. Also included are the helmet with goggles, the cigerette and the showtime leggings!

Lumae - Racer Tank Fatpack



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