Lumae @ Olive You Fundraiser

What always amazes me with Second Life is that sometimes it can feel such a cold and lonely place.. but then other times it is so warm, giving and supportive. Whenever some one is in need of help or is struggling we are quick to come together to try our hardest to give them a hand.

The same is true now. Rose (Naminaeko), the owner of Olive, is going through a tough time with the possible foreclosure of her home in RL. This is a very real threat to her and her family and they are intending to fight it, but the costs are not something they can easily afford.

This is where OliveYou comes into play. Her friends on SL and Plurk want to try to help her pay some of the costs and as such have arranged a fundraiser with 100% of proceeds going to her to help her fight.

For this event I have made a special edition of my yet unreleased skins called Eliana and made a pretty rainbow eyemake up for her! There are four skin tones available and they are half the regular price (making them 425L per tone) with 100% proceeds going to help Rose!

Taxi to the Olive You Fundraiser

Lumae - Eliana - OliveYou



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