The Change to Lumae

Hello everyone!

The transition to Lumae is under way.. here is a little FAQ to help you understand the changes!

+ I have changed the name of this blog to reflect the changes in the store.

+ The Lumae Mainstore shares the same land with the Aeva // Heartsick Mainstore.. they are sister stores to each other although Lumae is now my main focus.

+ Products for Lumae are created by Lumiya Rae who is the alternative avatar for Amesha Jewell. I can be reached through both avatars.

+ Aeva // Heartsick serves mostly as an archive for my past works.. There will be very few releases through this store, mostly just updates of appliers for Mesh Enhancements.

+ The Aeva // Heartsick Group is still open and will remain open. Notices for Lumae will be sent through this group aswell as the main Lumae group. If you are worried about group slots, there are subscribers at both stores.

I hope you will continue to support me and my work as I go through this change and move into the future! Thank you so much!



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