Lazy Sunday 02/02/2014

So its been a while that I have released anything.. Its been a difficult few months but working through it. There are new skins on the horizon and a rebranding in the works. For now though, I've released 3 more Una Skins for Lazy Sunday!

Taxi to new Mainstore location in Kassar

Una is where the new skin line was about a month ago.. but its the closest I have to anything finished and so they will be a rarity item. They do not have the usual cleavage options and appliers that usually come with the skins because they are purely transition skins.

They do however, come with freckles and eyebrow options including a set of eyebrow layers in different colours that I have been working on! You can see a couple of them in the pictures below.

These skins are at a special price of 50L for Lazy Sunday!



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