Lazy Sunday @ Aeva // Heartsick

We are taking part in this round of Lazy Sunday with a special version of the newly released Poppy skin! This special version comes with RED EYEBROWS! I know alot of people have asked about different coloured eyebrows, so I hope this will whet the appetite for more to come.

Taxi to the Lazy Sunday area @ The Mainstore

This skin comes in four skin tones, 0 through to tone 3.. each tone is 75L!

You can also see this skin featured in my Look of the Day post on my personal LOTD blog

Just as an aside.. I realise and appreciate that this eyebrow colour is more coppery in colour and this is on purpose. I wanted it to match this colour hair by Wasabii Pills as its one of my favourite hair colours in SL.

Different shades of brows will be available shortly that should hopefully be suitable for all tones of reds, blondes, browns etc.



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