For Aeva Heartsick Fundraiser

As some of you might know if you have been reading the notecards in the Aeva // Heartsick group over the last few weeks.. my computer is dying. It is literally on its last legs now, coughing, grinding and crashing and even at some points unable to be turned on. I have been using my parents computer when I go to visit their house to pay the rent on the land or make updates. As I don't live with them and they live 50 miles away, it makes it difficult.

I am physically and mentally unable to work in RL. Suffering from several physical difficulties and also mental issues, it is something that is not an option for me, much to my dismay as I am not one who is afraid of hardwork, which is why I work so hard at making skins and things in SL. Second Life is my only source of income.. my only source of human interaction, if only a small amount due to my mental issues making it difficult even for me to make friends in world.

Two friends of mine, Feather Fallen and Tabitha Faith, have been organising a fundraising event that will take place from 1st May until 14th May, to try to help me raise enough money for a new computer so I can continue creating in SL and continue living in SL. They have been contacting creators to see if they would be willing to take part by placing up to 10 things for sale for 100L with either 75% or 100% of the price going to the fund to help me.. things do not have to be new, they can be already existing items. There is an option to place 1 or 2 items at full price also, with either the creator keeping the profits or choosing to donate, it is entirely up to them.

There is also a donation jar at the mainstore should people want to donate directly and I have put out all the Christmas and Valentine special skins for 100L each in the garden area of the store.

I have 2 skins I will be placing for sale at the benefit that I managed to create using time at my parents as I wanted to be able to offer SOMETHING back to the people who have been supporting me and helping me over the last few weeks.

If you want to take part... or if you know anyone who might want to take part.. please contact Feather Fallen or Tabitha Jewell for more information and an application form or you can visit the website for more information:

Click to go the For Aeva Heartsick Blog for more information

I am so very sorry to ask for help.. I feel awful and feel like I am begging but it is literally the only way I can continue to create in SL.. Thank you to anyone who has donated and to anyone who has helped so far. I am so very appreciative of anything and everything you have done.



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