NEW RELEASE: Applicators for Lola's Tango Mesh Breasts!

Hey everyone! I've just released the first set of applicators for the new Lola's Tango Mesh Breasts! These applicators are available in 5 tones that will perfectly match all of the newer skins - Selene, Halo, Jaci, Phoebe and Yves.

Please note that the Mesh Breasts are NOT included and you will have to go to Lola's store to purchase them seperately before you can use the applicators. Here is the LM to the store:

Lola's Natural Breasts

Also these applicators will only work with the Tango Mesh Breasts and not with earlier sculpted breasts from Lola's or any other creator.

The applicators are priced at 350L per skin tone. Included with the package are:

6 Skin applicators
You can choose from Freckle or non Freckle skins and also two sizes of nipple. There is also a No Nipple skin that you can choose to wear with your clothing if you want a change from the peeky nipple look!

1 Nipple applicator
This is used to change the default texture of the seperate mesh nipple that you can use with or without the piercings.

These applicators are really simple to use.. just wear your Mesh breasts, wear the box containing the skin you wish to apply and click on it... hey presto, your bewbs now match your favourite Aeva//Heartsick skin!

Taxi to Aeva // Heartsick Mainstore!



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