New Female Shapes @ Aeva // Heartsick

I've been slowly making shapes over the last few months and finally I collected them together and organised them so I can release them!

There are 20 new female shapes for you to choose from. I have organised them into collections to make it easier to decide which might suit you better.

Please note all my female shapes are between the heights of 5 ft 6 inches and 6 ft 2 inches barefoot, according to the heights shown on the Edit Appearance window. All my shapes are Modify so you can adjust this accordingly and instructions come with your shape.

General Shape

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Plush Shape Collection

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Killer Curves Shape Collection

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Slender Shape Collection

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All shapes are 100L each.. They all come Copy/Mod/No Transfer. Demos are available in store to try. Please note that the large hands and feet on the Demo shapes are not on the actual shapes! Taxi to Aeva // Heartsick Mainstore!



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