So whats the deal with Aeva?

You all know Heartsick.. So whats the deal with Aeva? I had been deliberating for a long time about closing my store in Second Life as I had become quite apathetic with creating skins. I felt frustrated with all of the work I was doing and it became more of a chore than enjoyable which frustrated me even more as I always adored making skins.

In an attempt to try to find my way back to the enjoyment of making skins I decided to take my files right back to the bare bones from where it all began and started again from scratch. Making new layers, amending old ones, repainting and reblending.. and eventually I felt rejuvinated and rediscovered my love of creating skins again.

But I wanted to make more changes...

So I decided that any new skins I would create after Chloe had been released, would be released under a new name.. The name chosen was Aeva, which by definition is the plural of Aevum.. which means an age, an aeon or everlasting time.

I set about rebuilding the mainstore, which now has two sides.. one is the Heartsick side which holds all the older skins from before June 2012 and the other side is Aeva which holds all the newer skins from after June 2012.

The store will be known now as Aeva // Heartsick

I hope this helps to clarify the new changes and I hope that you will enjoy all the new things that this new era will bring!



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