Introducing Koray

Koray is the introduction of a new range of skins that have arrived at Aeva // Heartsick!

Over the years that I have been creating skins, I have had alot of people asking me to create a Femboy skin. It was something that I had really wanted to do but never really got around to completing until I was invited to participate in the Femboy Hunt.

So.. here is my first Femboy skin. Called Koray!

+ Available in 5 new tones
+ Comes with eyebrow and freckle options
+ Modify shape

750L per tone

If you want a taster of how this skin looks, you can buy the Femboy Hunt prize for 2L hidden somewhere around the store! Included in this is 3 shades!

Taxi to Aeva // Heartsick Mainstore



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