Store Policy

Last updated on 16th April 2018.


First and foremost, please remember that the Designer and any staff behind Lumae are people, just as you are.  As such, we ask that all interactions with members of Lumae be respectful and polite.

Lumae reserves the right to refuse support to individuals who become rude or disrespectful at any time during the interaction.  Depending on the severity of the rudeness or harm brought against members of Lumae, we also reserve the right to ban, eject, mute, and/or report any avatar whose interactions become rude, harmful, or otherwise volatile.  This is done purely at our discretion.

::: NO REFUNDS :::

Demos are provided for Free, both in store and at any event featuring Lumae products, for your convenience.  Please make sure to try skins to be sure they fit your particular head/face the way you desire.  Refunds will not be provided because something doesn't look how you hoped it would.  Please try the demo.

Additionally, items are sold as No-Transfer, therefore items cannot be exchanged or refunded.

The *ONLY* instance in which a refund will be considered are double purchases of the exact same item (i.e. the same skin in the same tone).  In this instance, please send a detailed notecard including transaction history of both purchases, and I will refund the price of one of those items.


In the event of non-delivery, please visit the main store and use the white Re-delivery Terminal that is found on the front desk. Click this to be given a link to your re-delivery page where you can choose what you would like to be redelivered.  If the item is not listed, and you have not received a refund by the Caspervend system for a Failed Transaction, please see the section on "Failed Transactions" on how to go about reporting the issue.

This does not apply to Marketplace. Please see the section on "Failed Marketplace Deliveries" on how to go about reporting a Marketplace issue.


Lumae uses the Caspervend vendor system, and as such transactions will either deliver or refund after a set period of time.  If you feel you have not received a delivery of a purchase and also were not automatically refunded by the system, please send a detailed notecard that includes your Second Life name, and your transaction history so that I can further look into the issue.


Most Marketplace deliveries happen fairly instantly, however Linden Labs states that Marketplace deliveries can take up to 8 hours if the server is particularly busy.  Because of this, please be sure it's been at least 8 hours since you made a Marketplace purchase before contacting me.

If it has been more than 8 hours and your purchase still hasn't delivered, please send a detailed notecard that includes your Second Life name and your transaction history so that I can further look into the issue.

Also, please refrain from leaving a negative review for a technical issue until after contacting me IN WORLD, in the manner stated above.  I always do my best to provide excellent support to my customers, as long as I am informed of the issue.


There are many reasons that an item may go missing from the inventory.  Sometimes it is accidentally deleted, sometimes the inventory doesn't load fully upon login, and sometimes there is a Linden Labs asset server related issue.  None of these are things I can control, unfortunately.  However, if you find yourself suddenly missing a past purchase from your inventory, you should be able to receive your purchase back through the Caspervend Redelivery Terminal at the main store.

I will only be able to replace non Caspervend and Marketplace items where proof of purchase can be shown and confirmed. This is done by sending me a notecard in-world including your Second Life name and transaction history, showing that the item was purchased.


Second Life has evolved over the years, and with that evolution has come several well-crafted brands of mesh heads.  These brands all make their heads differently, and as such they are all shaped differently, even when worn over the same base Second Life shape.  Some of these differences might seem smaller than others, but because of this, a skin applier will not fit each head the same way.

Think of it like attempting to wear a standard-size mesh (XS, S, M, L, XL) item on a mesh body.  The right size might fit, with the proper alpha cut-outs, but it will not be a perfect fit, as it was not made for that body.  It was made to fit as many bodies as possible, but will not fit any one body perfectly.

As I cannot possibly make every skin fit every head perfectly, some skin releases will be made specifically to fit particular brands of head (i.e. Catwa, Lelutka, LAQ, etc.).  If the skin comes with an Omega applier, it may be possible to wear it on heads other than the one(s) it was intended for, however, please know that it has not been designed for that head.  *PLEASE try DEMOS* for any skin you intend to wear on a head it is not made for, to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

Lumae is not responsible for - and therefore will not provide refunds for - purchases in the event that a skin does not work for a head it is not designed for.  *PLEASE try DEMOS.*


Lumae occasionally provides free items and Group Gifts out of appreciation for the long-time support of group members, and also as a way to help newer residents navigate Second Life.  These are, however, released at the Designer's discretion.  Please do not IM the Designer demanding a gift be released, or demanding an existing gift in a different tone.  These gifts are, again, provided at the Designer's discretion.


At this time, Lumae does not accept requests for custom work of any kind.  This includes modifications to existing products or permission changes.  We do not know if or when this might change. Lumae also does not give out skin textures for personal use. Please do not ask.

These policies are subject to additions and changes at any time, at the Designer's discretion.



  1. Glad to see you are posting this again. It serves as a good reminder for people to use their common sense, and not be a nasty cow.