Catwa Applier Updates

So as everyone will know .. I have been using the Omega scripts inside my Catwa Appliers that are on the Head HUD in the Eirtae skins. This is about to change!

I was originally using Omega scripting instead of the Catwa scripting that they provide with their developer kit, because I couldn't get the Catwa scripts to work. I have no idea what I was doing wrong, clearly I was missing something. So I sat there and read through everything again and tried again. This time after a bit of experimenting.. it worked!

So to make life easier for people using my skins, I have been updating the Catwa appliers on my head HUD : replacing the Omega scripts in the Catwa Buttons with the Catwa scripts. This now means you will no longer need to wear the Omega Catwa Relay when wearing my skins on your Catwa Head.

BEAR IN MIND! This is a process and will ONLY apply to the Eirtae skins and then the Sabine skins once they are fully released. The picture below shows which skins SO FAR, no longer need the Relay to work. I am working on the remaining few and those will be updated over the weekend.

Grab a redelivery from the store to get the updated head applier!

Catwa Updated Appliers



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