Lazy Sunday @ Lumae

Its Lazy Sunday time at the Lumae Mainstore and this time I have decided to release the Eliana Bare Skin for the event! All tones will be available for 75L for the next 48 hours before returning to the usual full price.

This time there are more different eyebrow options. For lighter skins, you have the options of light, ginger, red, dark and no brow. Be aware that the darker the skin tone gets, the less colour eyebrows there will be. For example tones 1 - 5 come with all eyebrow colours, tone 6 comes with light, red, dark and no brow and tones 7 and 8 come with only light, dark and no brow options.

Taxi to Lumae Mainstore!

Lumae - Eliana - Bare



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