Computer troubles :(

So.... its been a long time since this issue began. My graphics card died on me in mid march and I sent it in for repairs. It had to go to Germany to be fixed and the time for repair and return was 14 days.

I can forgive that it might have taken a bit longer due to some kind of problem.

But its now been 6 weeks. I have called them constantly for updates and have been told so many different things. One of the best ones was that it was up for despatch at the end of week 3 before the replacement part had arrived in week 4. Genius.

I have since been promised call backs and emails that never happened prompting me to call back again to ask them whats going on.

The newest funfilled news is that the computer was ready for despatch but it apparently wasnt picked up and had has been waiting for a while.. but as of today they have no clue and think that it's either in the repair room again or...... They have lost it. Simply put they have no clue and they don't know who to blame.

So now I am waiting for another call that might come today but probably won't and then I will have to call them again on monday.

I have no idea when I will be back. I have no access to a full computer.. I can only use my mobile phone to keep in touch through the mobile grid client. Hopefully things will be sorted soon one way or another...

At this point I feel kind of like SL is moving on without me.

Anyway.. This is the full update so far. I have had people saying they cannot join the Aeva group. This is because the group joiner is script controlled using a system I have to pay for to keep spammers out. As I am not in world and am unable to be, I am unable to pay for the service. I am not able to change to open group either so this will have to wait to be fixed whenever I return.

Im not pleased about this.. I am entirely upset and frustrated. The newer Lumae skins are stuck in my inventory as I can't put them out either. I literally can do nothing.

So... all I can do is say that I am sorry and I hope I will be back soon...



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