Petite Skins Added to the For Aeva Heartsick Fundraiser

It was bank holiday weekend this weekend and so I spent the time at my parents to work on something else to add to the fundraiser. I had been working on Petites at the same time as I had been working on the new line of skins, so I took this work to complete two petite skins especially for the fundraiser!

Teleport to the For Aeva Heartsick Event

IMPORTANT! You will need to OWN a modifyable mesh petite from YABUSAKA to be able to use these skins. They are applied to your existing Petite using the PASS HUD System. It is very easy to use.. full instructions are included with the purchase. Bear in mind that these skins were made for the V2 Petite from YABU. The faces shown in the posters are on a V2. They will work on V1 but will look different facially.

These skins are 100L each tone and will only be available at the special price until 14th May when the event ends!

Click to enlarge

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Hope you will enjoy the skins!



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