Aeva // Heartsick - Puffy Mesh Breast Skin Applicators now available

Puffy are another contender in the Mesh Breasts category.. a new brand was made known to me a couple of days ago so I decided to give them a try.

You can buy these on the Marketplace and you will be happy to know that there are also DEMO's available too!

After wearing them for a little while, I decided to go ahead and make some applicators to match the newer Aeva // Heartsick skins. You can find these at the mainstore next to the Lola ones in the new skin section.

Click for a larger picture

They are smaller out of the box than the Lola's and they offer a more rounded shape which most will find more natural. What I am most happiest about is they fit my favourite Bare Rose Romancer Gown when using the 100 size prim top!

Click for larger picture

Click for larger picture

Sorry, I really couldnt resist taking some pretty pictures too!



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