Seasons Greetings Event @ Aeva // Heartsick

As a thank you too all the people who have supported me through the last 4 years of being a creator in Second Life, I decided to do something a little special this holiday season..

The following information explains the Seasons Greetings event that I will be holding in the run up to Christmas. Please make sure you will read through them carefully so you understand what will be happening!


+ Every day, between 5th of December and 24th December... I will be picking ONE name from the Members list of the Aeva // Heartsick VIP Group. This drawing will take place at 5pm SLT every between those dates, with the first name being drawn on the 5th December and the last being drawn on 24th December.

PLEASE NOTE : Last known log in dates will be taken into account. If you or your alt have not logged in within the last couple of weeks, it is unlikely that you will be chosen.

+ This member will be notified through the GROUP NOTICES and by PRIVATE IM AND NOTECARD to contact me as soon as possible to claim their prize. A list of names will also be added to a page on the Aeva // Heartsick blog.

+ The Prize for being chosen is ONE FATPACK OF YOUR CHOICE from the WHOLE store (excluding the Xmas skins outside the front of the store)

+ Once you have recieved notification that you are the winner and you have chosen your prize, you must send me a NOTECARD with your name and the full details of your selection.

+ Your chosen prize will be sent to you as soon as I am online and recieve your request.

+ THIS PRIZE IS NON TRANSFERABLE TO ANY OTHER AVATAR! The name drawn will be the person to whom the prize will be sent.


You MUST respond by 24th December to claim your prize... if any prizes are left unclaimed after this day, these will be redrawn at a later date, most likely in the New Year to allow people time for the holidays. There will be several notices and a blog posting to announce this date so people will be fully aware it is happening.

ALSO as an added extra.. Everyone who wins a prize is encouraged to post pictures of themselves wearing their chosen skins to the Aeva // Heartsick Flickr pool. Those that do will be eligable for a special surprise gift to be announced on 2nd January 2013 <3


The Aeva // Heartsick VIP Group is free to join through December so feel free to include your friends, alts etc. There will be other goodies and fun things throughout the month aswell so no one will be left out of feeling the love this season <3

You can join the VIP group from my profile in world or by visiting the mainstore and using the group joiner just inside the door to the right.

Taxi to Aeva // Heartsick Mainstore



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