The Vintage Fair is GO!

Hooray, the Vintage Fair has started and there are so many awesome things there. I've been lucky enough to spend yesterday before it opened, taking a good look around and this year there is some amazing creations for you all to enjoy!

For Aeva // Heartsick, there are 4 skins available.. 3 for women and one for the guys.

We can be found in the Retro Sim at the co-ordinates 24/41/22

The sims are at the moment having people tp into one location so you will have to walk a little to get to the store but if you follow the co-ordinates above you will find us!

Here is a link to a map of the sims that will be useful for you to help navigate although the design is extremely fluid to follow:

Vintage Fair Maps

Also.. here is a guide written by Sasy Scarborough on how to make going to events as low lag as possible! Although it was written for the Hair Fair, these tricks will help for any event..

A guide to a low lag event by Sasy Scarborough



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