Mesh Guide

Being a creator in SL, I have a large selection of mesh heads and bodies as I usually need to buy the brands I support, to be able to check my skins are working on them. So I thought it might be fun to put a page here where I can show you how my skins look on certain heads and bodies with the hope that it might be some kind of help for people who are needing some kind of guidance when buying them.

The pictures are only going to be using the newest skins in Lumae and does not include the older ones before March 2016 as those skins are going to be retired.

Catwa Mainstore - To wear my skins on Catwa, you will need to purchase the Omega Catwa Relay from marketplace or from the Omega Solutions Store in world.
Catwa Heads #1
Catwa Heads #2
Catwa Heads #3
Catwa Heads #4

Belleza Mainstore - My skins come with a dedicated Belleza Body Applier
Eirtae T5 on Belleza Body Updates



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